The Aerodentis system was invented by Dr. Orit Nadav, DMD, M.Sc., a specialist in orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics and developed over seven years by a highly skilled team of engineers, orthodontists, industrial designers and dental technicians.

The system applies programmable pulsating pneumatic force to the teeth, via a built-in air pressure element on a removable transparent polycarbonate mouthpiece. The required amount of air pressure is transmitted into a balloon incorporated in the mouthpiece, controlled by a specially designed, lightweight and acoustically controlled unit.

The foundation of the Aerodentis system is the application of this physiological force to move teeth gradually to their desired position.
It was well established in the literature in the 1970s and 1980s that pulsating orthodontic force is an effective modality for orthodontic treatment. Subsequent clinical and research data has shown that the application of pulsating force accelerates orthodontic correction,
as well as facilitating additional benefits when compared to continuous force.

The doctor-controlled Individual Force Prescription (IFP) enables doctors to prescribe an accurate force level and pulsating cycle for each patient, in accordance with the initial progress of the treatment. The pulsated force ensures that excessive force is avoided so that no areas of hyalinization and necrosis are formed. This potentially reduces the risk of root resorption.

The removable Personal Dental Device is custom-made based on a CAD/CAM technology to move teeth into an ideal occlusion.
The device incorporates a custom-designed track-per-tooth, which guides tooth movement for the entire course of treatment.
Unlike other orthodontic treatments, Aerodentis uses only one single device. There is no need to supply a series of new devices as the treatment progresses.

Advanced Manufacturing Technologies

The Aerodentis Scanning Center and Production Center use the most advanced 3D scanning and CAD / CAM software systems to design Personal Dental Devices that reflect the final position of the teeth and prepare a complete treatment plan as specified by doctors. Rapid prototyping with 3D printers ensures rapid processing and production. Completed Personal Dental Devices are packaged and dispatched to doctors’ clinics for final fitting.

The Aerodentis system is patented in the US and the European Union.