With Aerodentis, you can turn nighttime, when you are sleeping or resting at home, into treatment time. For just 10 hours a day and with no unsightly metal braces or uncomfortable plastic aligners, you can undergo proven and effective orthodontic treatment at a pace that is in harmony with your lifestyle.

By using physiological force that is more effective, Aerodentis can accelerate treatment time. Suitable for all ages, you set the pace. If you want to finish your orthodontic treatment by a certain date, you can accelerate the treatment by wearing the device for longer than the minimum.


While you sleep,

the Aerodentis system is hard at work. Using safe, pulsating pneumatic force that mimics the normal, natural physiology of the body, Aerodentis gradually straightens your teeth to the desired position and occlusion.

And during the day,

at school, work or at play, no one will know that you are undergoing orthodontic treatment.